Fruitful Faith and Growth

Fruitful Faith and Growth

May grace and peace be multiplied to me in the knowledge of God and of my Lord Jesus Christ – as His divine power has given to me all things that pertain to life and godliness -through the knowledge of Him Who has called me by glory and virtue – and He has given me exceedingly great and precious promises thatthrough these I AM a partaker of the divine nature (God’s nature) and I have escaped the corruption that is in this world through lust.  Praise God!

Now Father in the powerful name of Jesus, because I have been set free and am a partaker of Your divine nature and I give all diligence to add to my faith this dayin word and in action!  I add to my faith Virtue - excellence, integrity, character and honesty!  To virtue, I add to my faithKnowledgeboth spiritual and practical!  To knowledge, I add to my faith this daySelf Control - I control myself – I am not my own – I have been bought with a price and I therefore submit to God – I mortify the deeds of my flesh – I will not fulfill any lust of my flesh – and I keep my body, mind, will and emotions under the Lordship of the Holy Spirit!

To self-control, I add to my faithPerseveranceendurance, patience and steadfastness! ‘Giving up’ is not my nature nor am I easily moved or offended.  I will stand in this day and when I have done all to stand I will keep standing!  To perseverance, I add to my faithGodliness - I’m determined to live a holy, godly lifestyle because He that is in me is Holy therefore I am holy!  To godliness, I add to my faithBrotherly KindnessI am kind toward all, especially those in the household of faith!  I show no partiality; I am not haughty and; I treat all with respect, honor and value!

To brotherly kindness, I add to my faithLOVEI commit to walk in the God kind of love and I thank you Father for preparing hearts to receive Your love through me.  I am kind; I’m never envious or jealous; I’m not rude nor am I puffed up or conceited; I think no evil of myself or others; I am not selfish nor do I seek my own!  The love of God that is in me always leads me toward the good of others. Above all these things I am mindful to put on love which is the bond of perfection. With love operating – the peace of God rules in my heart and I am THANKFUL as the word of Christ dwells in me richly in all wisdom.

I decree and declare that these precious promises are mine and I abound in them!  I am neither barren nor am I unfruitful in the knowledge of my Lord Jesus Christ.  I am not short-sighted or blind and I have not forgotten that I have been cleansed of my old sins.  Therefore, I am even more diligent to make my call and my election sure.  My confession and active participation in my new nature will cause me to never stumble or fall.  My heavenly reward is an entrance supplied to me abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I choose Christ not carnality!  I set my mind on things above not on things beneath – I reject mere mortal thinking – the thoughts of Christ are far better than that!  My old man is dead and my new life is hidden with Christ in God.  Therefore, I keep my old members dead.  I have put off all evil -wanting what others have – covetousness which is idolatry; anger; wrath; blasphemy; filthy language and; I no longer lie.  I’m determined to keep on the new man who is renewed daily in knowledge according to the image of Him who created me.  This day I add to my faith works – action – which keeps me and my faith alive – alive in Christ!  So be it! Amen.

*2 Peter 1:1-11; Col. 3:5-17*          TLW Intercession – Jan. 2010 -AM